• Arūnas Rutkus
  • Miglė Kosinskaitė
  • Eurika Urbonavičiūtė
  • Irena Čingienė
  • [R] Girl with a flag

    « Arunas Rutkus paintings reproductions are only exceptional quality prints on top quality canvas.
    « All prints of Rutkus are slightly painted on top with original oil color and signed by author himself. 
    « Prints are sold in limited edition. (By author agreement)
    « Purchasing  reproduction you support original author.
    « Before ordering print on canvas you can choose optimal format for your home. (bigger or smaller)
    [ 70 x 65 cm] €160
    [ 90 x 85 cm] €265
    [ 110 x 100 cm] €350

    70 cm x 65 cm
    Other Size:
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